Devon Outdoor 2017-18

What is it that makes Devon Outdoor Furniture stand out from the rest?
We think the innovation and design speaks for itself. Behind that you'll find the best raw materials, sourced from around the world, leading edge construction techniques that cut no corners, and the most important of all – a passion for outdoor living we bring to every piece of furniture made.

Design & Construction
We believe the value of a Devon table doesn't rest on the table top. As with most things, it's what's going on underneath that counts, and for all Devon Furniture this includes construction that copes with the stresses of weight and movement admirably. Joints are designed to flex with the timber movement, and extreme weather conditions won't contort the furniture thanks to quality materials and precision design.

Shiny Bits 

Some outdoor furniture suffers because of inferior fittings unable to withstand outdoor exposure, and in particular, salty coastline conditions. Not so with Devon furniture – all our fittings are made from quality stainless steel, aluminium and zinc alloy to prevent rust. Their natural finish will keep shining through rain, shine, salt and water spray.