Our Vision

WOW:   To be the WOW shop that everyone RAVES about for their furniture, beds and home décor needs, by providing inspiration, exceptional service, distinctive and trusted product offerings.

Our Mission

Paulas is a family business that has a highly energised and committed team, always striving to go the extra mile. Paulas provides a fun and unique environment for both customers and staff, that makes everyone feel valued, trusted and loved. Paulas is a store that provides an inspirational haven that is ‘full of surprises’.

Paulas product and service offering is unique in the way it is presented in a home like setting, with staff providing a level of service and product knowledge that far exceeds any other customer service experience. Paulas customers will be WOW’ed every time they visit. Paulas product offering is vast, including stylish, contemporary, Lounge, Dining, Occasional, Children’s furniture, bedroom furniture, beds, outdoor furniture and Manchester and home décor galore.

Paulas has three major well known and trusted middle – upper market brands under one roof that no other store in NZ has, being La-Z- Boy, BedsRUs, Danske Mobler, Stressless and Devon. All of this makes Paulas the place that customers and staff are proud of and want to be seen and talked about. 

Paulas Customers have disposable income to spend and are typically woman aged 40 -60 years of age, in the middle to upper income market. Our customers typically come (based on current stores locations) anywhere from Wellington to Bulls. Our customers will appreciate quality and have a desire to have us help them achieve their home furnishing needs.

Our marketing and growth approach is to strive to reach out further and further across NZ by our growing web presence over the next 3 to five years, and to continue to grow our business and remain competitive and have continued growth in turnover and net profit.

Paulas as a locally owned business promotes and gets involved in the local community as much as possible to expand customer reach and social profile.