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Comfort is....simply another name for Stressless®

Choose a Stressless® leather recliner from Norway and you are not just buying another chair.

You are investing in all the hours you’re going to spend sitting there… reading, relaxing, listening to music or watching TV. It’s all about comfort and enjoying every moment. Which is why every detail and feature is designed to increase your sense of wellbeing – from head to toe. It’s the whole concept of Stressless® living and it’s what sets the Stressless® leather recliner apart from any other chair.

Stressless® offers a wide range of styles, leather colours and wood finishes, allowing you to custom match the décor in your home. 

Please note: the official weight limit on all Stressless® recliners, office chairs, sofas and dining chairs is 130kg per person.

So grab a coffee, and have fun browsing all that Stressless® has to offer.  

If you need pricing, or more information, please contact us by clicking here. 



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